Meet Amanda Morelli: Camper Turned Counselor In Training!

Counselor in Training, Amanda Morelli aka ThatsSoPanda

If you craft on our servers then you’ve probably run into ThatsSoPanda, also known as Amanda Morelli. Amanda really enjoys Minecraft. So much so that she used to be a camper and now she volunteers as a counselor for us. Let’s find out why she loves Connected Camps and Minecraft so much!

Amanda is a 10th grader from Ontario, Canada, who started playing Minecraft on the pocket edition about 4 ½ years ago.

One of her favorite thing about Minecraft is that “you can play for hours and still feel productive, especially when you build something amazing, achieve something in survival, or make a really cool redstone creation.”

Amanda joined as a camper last year after her mom found out about us through the blog, Tweenhood. As a camper, she really enjoyed the building challenges and mini-game activities. But her absolute favorite part “was the sense of community that the camp provided.”

While playing on our servers as a camper, Amanda heard about our Counselor in Training program, where high students volunteer to work with our Lead Counselors to moderate our servers, mentor campers, and help them level up their expertise in designing and building on a multiplayer server.

Amanda decided to become a volunteer, because after playing Minecraft for about 3 years, she “had learned quite a bit about the game,” and when she heard that she could use her “game knowledge to help kids learn and have fun,” she “couldn’t pass up the opportunity.”

Her favourite part has been helping and working with kids in Minecraft, because she remembers when she “was new to the game and felt the same way they did,” and she wants Minecraft to give kids the same amazing experience that it gave her over the past few years. The “most amazing part of all is experiencing the feeling of loving” her ‘job.’

Amanda plans to continue to volunteer as a counselor for a couple more years, and then possibly move onto studying computers and coding. But for now, when she’s not working with campers, you’ll find her building some sort of structure in creative mode or expanding her own world in survival mode.

Learn more about our Counselor in Training program.

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