Highlights from Our First Week of Camp!

Last week, we kicked off our summer camps! Our campers knocked it out of the park! They designed and built so many amazing creations. Let’s check out some of the highlights.

In Survival Mode camp, campers teamed up, boarded ships, and embarked on journeys to unknown worlds within Minecraft. Once they arrived in their new lands, they worked together to survive. The Orange Team landed in the jungle and built a base in the trees to keep them safe. They grew and hunted for food, slayed monsters, and mined in caves. They found treacherous cliffs, flows of lava, and deadly enemies. The Red Team constructed a large animal farm, a library, and an enchantment table. They journeyed to the Nether, Minecraft’s version of the underworld, where they fought a wither and won. Purple Team built their colony, Purpurville, and designed a parkour course. The Blue Team built their Boss Base on the frozen coast. When Blue Team visited the Nether, they defeated three enderdragons and three withers.

In Girls-Only Survival Mode camp, the Orange Team worked together to design a treehouse that reached the top of the jungle. They also built a nether portal and explored the Nether. The Purple Team gave themselves a unique name–The Amulet Holders, Keepers of the Nether Portal. They landed amongst a vast set of hills and tall grass, known as a biome, and built a seven story base. The Red Team, or the Scarlet Savana Endergirls, landed in the desert. Thankfully, they were close to water. They found tons of acacia wood and built a town with a farm, amory, Nether portal, and several homes for campers. The Blue Team, renamed the Magical Radical Snow Bunnies, founded their colony on the frozen tundra. They built a castle and fished in the icy water together.

In Architecture camp, the Minecraft world is divided in four: The Amazon, Atlantis, Mars, and Venus. Each with it’s own rules for building. In Venus, campers built a city and called it Diamond Heights. The city had a super laboratory to study all sorts of different aspects of Venus. They also built Apollo 34, a massive mothership capable of housing over a dozen crew members for weeks on end. Apollo 34 holds a mess hall, exercise center, and sleeping quarters. On Mars, campers built a greenhouse, town hall, communications lab, potions lab, rocket launchpad, and excavation site. Later in the week, they added an airship, railway system, and bank. Campers in The Amazon built a city called Jungle Springs. Jungle Springs had a community center, personal houses, town hall, monument, and gardens. Throughout the week, they expanded Jungle Springs further and further into The Amazon.

In Game Design camp, campers created mini golf games, a dungeon adventure, and capture the flag. To create a mini golf course in Minecraft, campers worked in small groups. One group used netherrack, a rock-like block found in the Nether, as grass and included fire as an obstacle in their mini golf course. Another team had a ‘The End’ theme, so they used end stone and obsidian for constructing their golf course. Later in the week, camps had to create a dungeon that had a parkour course, traps, and raises. One team created a jungle-themed dungeon. Another team created a glass maze. Once campers were done building, they play-tested each other’s creations.

We’re hosting camps throughout the summer, so check back soon for more updates!

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  1. Stephanie July 8, 2016 at 9:25 am #

    This was a great experience! My camper LOVED it! She can’t wait for her next camp in August, Design Camp here we come!

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