Running a Minecraft Club? Check Out These 4 Cool Activities

If you’re running a Minecraft program this fall, we have a few, cool activities for you to check out! We offer several activities run by expert counselors that your kids could participate in – all for free, on our safe, moderated Kid Club server.

#1: Join Kid Club!
Kid Club is great for 8-15 year olds, and it’s free! Kids learn problem solving and design, advanced building techniques, online and web literacy, collaboration and community organizing, and digital citizenship. Within Kid Club, we host a variety of interest-specific events in Minecraft:

  • Survival Bazaar: Come make a deal in the Survival Bazaar. Two portals lead to new sections of the wilderness everyday. Feel free to scavenge and mind in the wilds but beware – anything you leave behind will be gone tomorrow.
  • Minigames: Help build new mini-games and play a few rounds. One golden apple goes to the Arena’s spleef champion.
  • Freeplay: Enjoy free play time on our servers!
  • The Gallery: From pixel art to fantasy worlds come to the Gallery to build awesome stuff with others in Creative Mode!
  • Architecture Club: From epic to speed builds, replicas to fantasy come build with the best in Architecture Club.
  • Engineering Club: Come join us to test the limits of your engineering skills! Redstone optional but always encouraged!
  • Survival Club: Survival Village! Work as a team to build self-sufficient settlements within a hostile environment. Monsters beware our collective battle and fortification skills! Can we work together to last through the night?
  • Video Club: Video makers unite! Every week members work together to make videos and share ideas on how to improve their craft. Topics vary every week, so be sure to stop by.

Once you join our Kid Club, you have access to our full schedule of events!

#2: Battle to Survive in Survival Bazaar
One of our newest additions to Kid Club is Survival Bazaar. The Bazaar focuses on The Glowstone Union, a union of four Guilds in a city. Kids become members of these Guilds and trade resources, buy property, or just hang out with fellow Guild members. Outside the city lies untouched wilderness where kids can gather resources to sell in the city, start their own settlement, or simply explore. In the center of the city, there is a spawn tower that contains portals to the Gallery (creative world) and the Arena (minigames) so kids can easily move between activities.

#3: Join an Epic Build Challenge!
In Architecture Club, kids work together to create magnificent and massive creations. Kids learn that planning is a key part of design. They have to ask themselves:

  • What do they want to build?
  • How big is it going to be?
  • What type of material should it be made out of?
  • What limitations will they run into, such as block height limits?

Building such large creations as a group, requires that kids have to learn to work together and use each other’s strengths. When they come across problems, they have to work together to solve them as well.

#4: Create an Enders Golf course and compete!
In Minigames, kids can build different minigames within Minecraft. Then, they compete with other players in the games they built. All kids need to build minigames is a bit of imagination. For example, kids can build a mini golf course within Minecraft, but it won’t be made of a golf ball and grass. In Minecraft, ice blocks provide the properties required for rolling items on it. The normally circular golf ball is replaced with an ender pearl. Minigames in Minecraft are all about thinking outside the box.

Check out the video below to learn more about how to design a mini-golf course.

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