Meet the Counselors

Our counselors are as enthusiastic about games and technology as our campers, and come from top university programs in computer science, game development, and design. We run a background check as part of our counselor hiring process and all of them are trained to educate and inspire your child.

Lead Counselors

Clinton Caldwell
Hi, Im Ennoier! I love making art and enjoy doing anything remotely creative. My favorite creative activities include drawing, painting, sculpting, and making pixel art. I’m also pretty interested in programming and making games, or at least trying to.
Nerianne Congjuico (Ney)
Hello everyone! My name is Ney but I go by “musuney” on the server. You may know me as the Enchantress on Kid Club id you’ve ever been in need of sweet enchants! I’ve also run several events including Bounty Hunt Tower and build events like Underwater City and Ravine Colony! In real life, I’m a Software Engineering student who loves working with teams. Group projects were never really my thing, but since going into this major I’ve come to enjoy working with people. That includes all the enthusiastic and talented people at Connected Camps as well! Definitely an exciting place to be.
Ryan Dempsey
Hello! My name is MoonMoonJelly. I’m currently at Santa Monica College studying Technical Theatre. I’ve been playing Minecraft since version 1.0.0 and I did Robotics in High School so I love Robots and problem solving. I love gaming so I’m more than happy to talk to people about anything gaming related. I also love movies, theater and anime so feel free to ask me about that too. I welcome 1v1 PvP challenges but I’ll give you a run for your money 😉
Catherine Fox
Hello! My name is Krafty7, and my favorite thing to do in Minecraft is run restaurants, build machines, and design homes. I graduated from USC in 2016 with a degree in Interactive Media and Games, so I spend a good chunk of time making up games as well. I take extra time to make my machines look pretty, or make up a story to go with my buildings. When not working (or gaming) I spend my time perfecting and collecting new art skills from 3D modeling to watercolors.

Cherry Jung
Hello! My name is Cherry, username VIVIDfiasco, and I’m a Senior at UW-Milwaukee. Minecraft to me is a toybox of adventures waiting to happen! Be it adventuring uncharted portions of the the realm, spelunking in caves or creating vast structures and villages with fellow campers, there’s never a moment for boredom. I hope to see you online soon!
Alexander Koufakis
Hi, I’m akoufaki! I’m currently a third-year at UC Irvine, and I’ve been playing video games for as long as I can remember. I’ve been playing Minecraft since I was in eighth grade. I mainly enjoy playing survival mode, as I like to build up a base while collecting resources, fighting monsters, and exploring. I can’t wait to see the diverse skills everyone has to offer at camp!
Nickolas Landry
Hey everyone! My name is Nick, and my Minecraft username is Heiisama. I love everything about Minecraft, Video Editing and Game Design, and I’m an expert at all three! If you see me online, don’t be afraid to come say hi.
Andy Le
Hey everyone! I’m AzureDragon013 and I’m currently a fourth year Computer Game Science major at UCI! I’ve been playing minecraft for around seven years, starting all the way back in beta. I love doing cool builds in creative and talking with everyone so don’t be afraid to talk to me or ask me to build together with you! I also have a ton fun in minigames so you can find me at the arena as well! Otherwise I am very passionate about video games and anime and will always be open to talking about them!

Ryan Lau
What’s up everyone! My name’s 2ndstreetguy. I’m a junior at Loyola Marymount University and excited to be your counselor! I have been exploring, fighting, crafting, and building in the Minecraft world since beta and have enjoyed every bit of it! If you don’t see me building in survival, I’m probably exploring the dark, spooky caves finding valuable gems or building some medieval castles!
Lukas Lohden
I’m a student at UC Irvine studying Game Design and Programming and have been playing games since I was a small child. Games have always been a way for me to build and hold friendships and I’m proudly a member of the gaming community. Some of my favorite games include League of Legends, Minecraft, and World of Warcraft because they all involve playing with other people. For me, what makes an experience great is the other people involved. I think games have a lot of potential for building positive communities and promoting education and I’m excited to see where that may go in the future!
Jake Lui
Hi everybody, I’m Skargent! I joined Connected Camps as a counselor two years ago, and I’ve been playing Minecraft for at least five years. On the servers you’ll recognize me as a green Castle Crasher. Although I love lots of activities in Minecraft, some of my favorites include Survival, playing and designing Minigames, and making escape rooms and puzzles.
Andeanna Mata (Ande)
Hello, everyone! I’m ExtraFancyRice, and it’s a pleasure to meet you! :slight_smile: I love school and bringing positivity towards teamwork based activities both in Minecraft and to learning in general. I have an Associates in Social Science and just recently got my BA from Azusa pacific university in Applied Psychology. Aside from Minecraft, I also do work as a Cheer Coach and substitute teacher– however, gaming is by far one of my favorite past times. Let’s go have some adventures!

Calvin Thanh Nguyen
Hi everyone! I’m Bakabaka1 😀 😀 ! I’m currently a Fourth-Year Computer Engineer major studying at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (a mouthful I know..). I’m an avid gamer, reader, and watcher of televisions shows and anime. My favorite shows are Sherlock and Doctor Who so if you’re interested in those too feel free to talk to me! I can speak Japanese, English, and Vietnamese!! Currently my favorite things to do are read mangas, web novels, and play board games. If you have any recommendations let me know!!
Hector Ramirez
Hello there, I am cowwhy (formerly known as chromefox4) I do things, well sometimes. I enjoy programming and a good challenge. I also enjoy making towers, that have some sort of redstone mechanism in them.
Samantha Scott
Hi everyone! My name is Samantha, and I’m super happy to be back again this year! I’ve volunteered for Connected Camps for two years now, and I’m finally a lead this year! I’m 17 years old and just graduated from high school. I’ve been playing Minecraft for four years now, mostly on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. I love music of (most) all kinds, reading, Zelda, Creepypastas, Comics, Star Trek Dungeons and Dragons, Pokemon and other games. Feel free to say hi to me if you see me around!
Angelo Tordecillas
Hi everyone! I’m Angelo aka N_E_E_T, and I absolutely enjoy creating pixel art and hosting build challenges in game. The campers and supportive moderators are my reason to always be playing with a smile on my face! (Even if you can’t actually see it!) If you ever have the time, when you’re not building or exploring, feel free to just say hi or even hang out with me!

Malakai Unland
“Hello everyone! Quesodesupizza here! Your friendly neighborhood mod and friend of broadcast, as well as coding camp counselor. I make redstone stuff and other cool creations on the server and am always looking to come up with cool ways to make life fun on the servers overall! I like trying to build new and exciting things, and whenever there is something to learn or something to teach I generally like to pursue it. Recently I’ve been playing a lot of ARK and Overwatch, as well as working on chatbots!”

Counselors in Training


Amanda Morelli
Hi everyone! I’m ThatsSoPanda! This is my first year being a counselor in training and I’m so hyped for the upcoming summer! I love to build creative things in Minecraft and play minigames like Colourfall!


cory james young
Hi everyone, i’m adamantine11. This is my first year as a counselor in training ive been playing minecraft for around three years now and i’m super exited to see everyone on the server.


Deepal Nadar
Hi everyone! I’m rajasaurus.It’s my first year as a counselor in training here and I’m very excited! In Minecraft I like to build things and look at things other people have built. I also like minigames like the ones on Mineplex.


Hera Mukhtar
Hello fellow Minecrafters, I’m ThePinkMinion! After a great summer last year, I’m excited to return this year, as a counselor in training!


Jasdeep Sadam
My name is jasdeep sadam. I have been playing minecraft since 6th grade and i enjoy survival and other small scale building. I look forward to meeting every one.


Luis Salas
Hey everyone! I’m Darknesspandaa and I was a counselor in training last year and am excited to do it again this year! I enjoy doing regular survival, playing around with redstone and some friendly PVP. I can’t wait to meet all of you this summer!


Valerie Nerio
Hello… its me. I’m valerienn a and I was a counselor in training last year and I am thrilled to be doing it again this year! I enjoy doing regular survival with friends. Can’t wait to Minecraft with you this Summer!


Wesley Ho
Hey guys! I’m Drakonkinst, Minecraft veteran of four years and command block extraordinaire. Some people asked me how my name is pronounced, but I don’t really know myself. Just don’t confuse me with dragons! You can find me hanging around in my neon-blue suit (or my secret suit and tie) on the server.


Zachary Kissner
Hi, I am AeroArgonaut. I am a counselor in training both this year and last year. I like all kinds of Tabletop games. I like making castles and banners in Minecraft.


Morgan Buyse
My name is Morgan/MissMX. I’ve been playing Minecraft since 2012. You can either find me building on Kid Club or helping out in the labs. Can’t wait to meet all of you!


Mackenzie Cronin
Bio coming soon!


Dexter Knaack
Bio coming soon!


Thomas Feltz
Bio coming soon!

Community Helper Program

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