Meet the Counselors

Our counselors and coaches are as enthusiastic about gaming and technology as our campers, and come from top university programs in computer science, game development, economics, sports performance, and design. We run a background check as part of our hiring process and we train our staff to educate and inspire your child.

Counselors and Coaches

Krista Acas
I’ve been playing competitive video games for a few years now and I’m excited to bring my skills and knowledge to Overwatch. I look forward to fostering a healthy and competitive community with everyone.
Gregory Boehm
My name is Gregory and I was born and raised in Santa Monica, CA. I have a background in science education and I currently produce and edit esports videos for a small website. Overwatch has been my favorite game for the past two years, and I am very excited to be able to combine my love of teaching with my love of Overwatch.
Nick Butts
I have been playing, watching, and studying League of Legends for over 5 years, and am very excited to bring my passion for the game to a coaching role. I played two seasons as a support for the Boston Revolt in SuperLeague City Champs, and am currently Head of Esports for The Game Haus, where I started as a League writer.
Morgan Buyse
Hi guys! My name is Morgan but I go by MissMX! I’ve been playing Minecraft since 2012 and I still enjoy it! I love graphic design, building in creative, and going on adventures! I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Micah Cavender
Before I founded Texas State Esports this past summer, I played collegiality as a top laner in League of Legends. Since starting the organization I have grown it to have a member base over 250 and foster 10 collegiate teams across multiple titles and tournaments. During this time I have managed the teams, delegated coordinators to titles I am not invested in, and coached players to be stronger individually and in a team environment.
Jake Carr
Garry Kasparov
I started my esports career as a pro WoW player and moved on to League of Legends from there. At first I did coaching for solo queue players online, but I much prefer working with teams for longer periods of time, and focusing on good communication above everything else.
Joshua Eckhart
Hello! My name is Josh and I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember! I’m so extremely passionate about it that I am pursuing a career in Game Design! I love teaching and learning new things from video games to the real world! I am so geeky that I even host a live Star Wars radio show at my college!
Drake Everlove
I love esports and I have had a deep passion for video games all my life, and think the esports industry has a lot of room to grow and I want to be a part of it. I’m really excited to see the kind of competition we’ll all be having as the gameplay begins!
Jonathan Gargoshian
My passion for esports has brought me to a point where I can now inspire and guide the future esport players of tomorrow.
Juan Haro
I have been playing league of legends for the past 6 years, and the game truly sparked my competitive drive. I started an NMSU team before they had even established an esports club at the school. I still occasionally play when I am needed but I enjoy helping others get better and achieve their goals more.
Devin Hartnett
Kind Words Only
My name is Devin but most people refer to me as ‘kind’. I’ve been playing League of Legends for about 7 years specializing in the jungle role. I’m currently in college majoring in Human Services with an emphasis in psychology with my focus being on getting involved with esports mental health. My goal for Connected Camps is to not only foster growth as players with my students but also promote their growth as individuals to allow them to reach their personal goals.
Brandon Hesslau
Hey! My name is Brandon Hesslau and I’m from Chicago, Illinois. I’ve been coding and developing games for about 5 years now. I’m currently a student at DePaul University studying computer science. You can always find me working on a new project whether its game development, programming, or even music composition related. Minecraft is such an amazing tool to learn about pretty much anything. I look forward to getting to know the campers and can’t wait to see what awesome things they create!
Aveary Hicks
My dedication to being an esports coach comes from my love of a growing esports community that I want to positively contribute to. I look forward to being able to educate and encourage players in a game I am passionate about.
Ryan Hoskins
I love Overwatch and have been playing soccer competitively for most of my life. Bringing my passions for teaching, sports (or in this case, esports!), and Overwatch together seems to be a dream come true.
Nicholas Hughes
The appeal of coaching Overwatch comes from how progressive and cutting edge Blizzard has been when it comes to esports. There’s no better time to be involved in the industry and be a part of that forefront.
Cherry Jung
Hello! My name is Cherry and my Minecraft username is VIVIDfiasco. Minecraft to me is a toybox of adventures waiting to happen! Be it adventuring uncharted portions of the the realm or spelunking in caves. I hope to see you online soon!
Cierra King
Hello! My name is Cierra and my Minecraft came is KingCompany4. I spend most of my time exploring tech, but when I am not I am usually playing Minecraft. My favorite Minecraft activity is building new towns, and mimicking different famous Architectures. I love exploring the game and experimenting with different tools in Minecraft!
Nickolas Landry
Hey everyone! My name is Nick, and my Minecraft username is Heiisama. I love everything about Minecraft, Video Editing and Game Design, and I’m an expert at all three! If you see me online, don’t be afraid to come say hi.
Emily Leckie
I have a strong background in teaching and coaching youth through many years of experience in the 4H program. Esports is a recent love of mine, and I can’t wait to bring my skill set to this theater.
Shawn Leung
I have been with Overwatch since Open Beta and have since developed a community for Overwatch players within the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Gaucho Gaming Organization. I aim to not only coach developing youths, but to also promote the drive for a higher education and to create space for those who feel there isn’t place for them.
Andeanna Mata (Ande)
Hello, everyone! I’m ExtraFancyRice, and it’s a pleasure to meet you! I’m a student at Azusa Pacific University with a major in Psychology. I love school and teamwork based activities, and like to find ways to bring people together both with Minecraft and learning in general.
Alex Nguyen
I have been coaching since beta release of the game. I love the game and I love the ability to pass on the knowledge of countless hours watching/playing/analyzing the game with others to bring out their fullest potential. I want to keep growing as a coach to continue my line of professional coaching and developing the next wave of talent within the scene.
Devlin Nipper
Trackpad Supreme
Hello everyone, my name is Devlin! I go by “Traçkpad Supreme” on League of Legends. I have been playing for 3 years, and eSports is my passion. Between world building, lore creation, and character building and coaching there’s nothing about the gaming world I don’t love.
Nicholas Pena
Lee Saitama
I’m an avid gamer with over a decade of experience backing me, and a long-time LoL player of 6 years and numerous competitive matches at a high level. I’ve got a burning passion for esports and video games, and being given the opportunity to give players unforgettable memories and bonds with their teammates is a dream come true for me. I’m very excited to be a part of the future of esports.
Griffin Poyck
The feeling of playing in a team and working together in strategic games is absolutely phenomenal. It’s the way the games feel best and I want to share the experience with as many people as possible.
Joe Quinn
Knee Hao
I have been playing League of Legends since Season 4, and it developed my passion for esports. During my time in college, I was part of Ohio State University’s Esports and LoL Club, where I helped establish the University’s foundation for esports.
Hector Ramirez
Yo, my ingame name is cowwhy but you can call me cow. During my down time I’m usually solving puzzles, learning a new programming language or playing minecraft. I’ve been playing minecraft for a few years now and I still find it fun which goes to show how many possibilities there are in the game.
Alberto Rivera
I’ve always enjoyed playing online with my group of friends and competing, I would like to help cultivate new players to help improve their skills as well as instilling a good sportsman like attitude in the competitive field.
Lauro Remulla
My love and passion for competition in esports goes beyond my own personal pursuits. I’m eager to help others become the best they can be!
Namir Salvant
I enjoy coaching Overwatch because it gives me the opportunity to teach something that I am passionate about analyzing and playing.
Samantha Scott
Hi everyone! My name is Sam and I’ve been playing Minecraft for six years now. Some of my favorite games other than Minecraft include Legend of Zelda, Skyrim and House of the Dead 2 and 3 Return. My favorite thing to do in Minecraft is building elaborate cities. Feel free to say hi to me if you see me around any of the camps or labs!
Christopher Shell
My passion is to develop the next generation of professional esports athletes and gaming enthusiasts in a way that promotes greater well-being, respect, positive regard, and life skills across the gaming community. I’m excited to coach Overwatch players because it is a game that requires a great deal of coordination, communication, and teamwork.
Steffen Spreng
I am currently an assistant esports coach for Benedictine University. I have always enjoyed the strategy and team-based aspect that League of Legends and Overwatch bring to the video game industry. I look forward to coaching our teams at Connected Camps and providing a welcoming team environment where players can improve their skills in the game and have the opportunity to develop a sense of collaboration, all while having fun.
Dalton Swaino
I helped start the esports club at my high school in my sophomore year, which led me to forming and becoming the captain of my school’s League of Legends team. We made playoffs my senior year and that’s when I really got interested in playing on teams. Then I received a scholarship to Illinois College for their varsity League of Legends team and that’s where I am now!
Chance Sweeney
Your Only Chance
I’ve played games both for fun and competitively since I was a kid from playing on my college’s League of legends team to their Overwatch. Now, I want to pass down my knowledge to kids who get to play on high school teams. Man I wish that was a thing when I was in high school. I’ve always liked teaching or mentoring so am excited to do just that!
Michael Swisher
My start in esports centered around getting involved in my school’s League of Legends ULoL team. Eventually I was asked to take a leadership role in the club as well as coach the team. When we got our varsity esports program I hopped on the opportunity and tried out for the team. We were able to place top 8 in the West and get ourselves a small scholarship. Now I am coaching the Varsity team during our CLoL run in 2019.
Angelo Tordecillas
Hi! N_E_E_T here, I’m a friend to all campers and always excited to see the creativity from everyone flow into their builds! I’d rather help someone build than start my own so I can follow through with what they have in mind and let the leadership in them take charge! If you need any help or want to build together, come fine me; for I am a also a camper at heart.
Lumen Vera
I am very drawn to teaching and bettering players around me. The best part of teaching is when those “Aha!” moments happen and the student/player learns a new skill.
Christian Vidal
I have played and coached not only esports but traditional sports as well. My goal is to give these students a fun and safe environment to grow and make memories!
Dita Zanelli
Dita here, but in game you can call me Bubblegum. I’m currently studying Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design in NYC. I have the best roommate named Little (see photo). I’m so excited to get to know all of you and create some crazy builds :^).

Volunteer Counselors


Hi, I’m Ethan. I’ve played Minecraft since stone cutters were still in the game. I have played on Pocket Edition and PC. My favorite things to do in Minecraft are to help with massive builds and build giant battleships. I also play the guitar (I have 3 guitars). I love Connected Camps because you can see people’s giant creations.


Hello! My name is DarkKillerM, also known as Matt! I’ve been playing Minecraft since 2013. I like working on massive projects, which involve detailed building and command blocks. Aside from Minecraft, I am a big Pokémon fan, and love listening to music. If you ever see me around, feel free to say hello, and ask any questions. I will be glad to help you.


Hi! I’m Thomas! I’ve been playing Minecraft since 2015. I most enjoy doing Commandblocks and making crazy automated farms in Minecraft survival! My favorite part of volunteering here is seeing what sort of crazy things the campers come up with and build, it’s awesome to watch one of their projects come together.


Hi, my name is William and I go by the user WillJVNinja. I’ve been playing Minecraft since 2015. My favorite things to do in Minecraft are building, hanging-out in Kids Club Server and Outschool, playing mini-games made by other campers, and Minecraft Survival. I like playing video games, hiking, bicycling, listening to music, and being online in Connected Camps so I can meet tons of cool people. Connected Camps is awesome! I love being able to hang-out and helping other campers. I really like how Connected Camps can bring kids together from all over to play Minecraft and have tons of fun.


Hey there! I’m Alex, but you can just call me indigo. I started playing Minecraft in 2012 on Pocket Edition and I’ve been playing on PC since 2015. My favorite thing to do in Minecraft is design games, build detailed maps for them & then play them with others! In my spare time, I like to play whatever game I’m into at the time, chat with friends, watch YouTube, listen to music & read. If you ever see me around, feel free to ask me for help or just say hello!


Hello my name is James, and my Minecraft name is ItsWxb but you can call me Web. I’ve been playing the Java edition of Minecraft since April of 2013. I love building in Minecraft because of how much the player is able to express themselves. I also enjoy making mini games for people to play. Some of the things I like to do outside of Minecraft are skateboard (wear your helmet!), snow ski, camp, cook, and draw. Connected Camps is an awesome community and I love helping out. Feel free to ask me any questions you have and make sure to say hello!


Hi, I’m Liam, also known as craftyldrmod. I like redstone. I play Slime Rancher, Fortnite, Roblox, and Minecraft. I have been playing Minecraft for almost 2 years. I like to build TNT cannons. My favorite thing about being a volunteer mod is helping other people.


I’m John, and have been playing Minecraft for 6 years or so on Pocket Edition and PC. I enjoy playing plugin or modded survival and Missile Wars. I like camping and working on computers as well as reading and music. My favorite part of Connected Camps is helping with Kids Club and minigame creation.


Name: Kailas. Username: Kailas_B_. Favorite thing in MC: Redstone and banners. Personal interests: Motorsports, robotics. Time played MC/how: since late alpha, on PC.


Hello hello! I’m Charlotte or AQUASONG341 in-game. I’ve been playing Minecraft since 2015 and I have spread my realm out from not only the PC but to the Xbox edition as well. In Minecraft, most of my inspiration comes from books I have read and movies I have seen. I’m always open and willing to help anyone out with construction and architecture problems! That’s why I love being here at connected camps – I get the opportunity to help others create whatever their heart desires!


Salutations! I’m Gabriel, aka TheMCLionSheep. I started Minecraft on the PE edition in 2013 and moved to Java soon after. I quickly enjoyed the community aspect, joining with friends often, and gained a knack for building and commands. Outside of Minecraft, I enjoy coding, as well as parkour (Yea, real parkour!) and martial arts. Connected camps has truly allowed my passion for friends and community to grow, and to spread my skills and love for the game to the campers. I hope to show you all I know!


Hello, my name is Grace! But, I prefer to be known as Wolfish. I’ve been playing Minecraft Pocket Edition since around the year of 2013 and I started playing Minecraft Java Edition since the summer of 2018! In Minecraft my favorite thing to do is either making note block music, playing in the survival mode, or making mini games for multiple people. In my spare time, I just either play games that I’m really into or sometimes draw. And my favorite thing about Connected Camps is that people help each other out when they are in need.


I have been playing PC Minecraft since 2014 and have loved it ever since. It taught me many things like how to type, design, and work as a team. My favorite things to do in Minecraft include building original redstone contraptions, modding with command blocks and helping other people build, fix and debug their Minecraft builds. My hobbies include botting, mining and HODLING cryptocurrency, aggressive skating, trampoline, musical theater, piano, comedy and most importantly (drum roll please) MINECRAFT!!! Other then Minecraft, my game is Overwatch. At Connected Camps, I get to do something I love and guide and advise up and coming Minecraft enthusiasts as they explore the many adventures Minecraft offers.