Meet the Counselors

Our counselors are as enthusiastic about games and technology as our campers, and come from top university programs in computer science, game development, and design. We run a background check as part of our counselor hiring process and all of them are trained to educate and inspire your child.

Lead Counselors

Morgan Buyse
Hi guys! My name is Morgan but I go by MissMX! I’ve been playing Minecraft since 2012 and I still enjoy it! I love graphic design, building in creative, and going on adventures! I can’t wait to meet all of you!
Nerianne Congjuico (Ney)
Hello everyone! My name is Ney but I go by “musuney” on the server. You may know me as the Enchantress on Kid Club id you’ve ever been in need of sweet enchants! I’ve also run several events including Bounty Hunt Tower and build events like Underwater City and Ravine Colony! In real life, I’m a Software Engineering student who loves working with teams. Group projects were never really my thing, but since going into this major I’ve come to enjoy working with people. That includes all the enthusiastic and talented people at Connected Camps as well! Definitely an exciting place to be.
Cherry Jung
Hello! My name is Cherry, username VIVIDfiasco, and I’m a Senior at UW-Milwaukee. Minecraft to me is a toybox of adventures waiting to happen! Be it adventuring uncharted portions of the the realm, spelunking in caves or creating vast structures and villages with fellow campers, there’s never a moment for boredom. I hope to see you online soon!
Nickolas Landry
Hey everyone! My name is Nick, and my Minecraft username is Heiisama. I love everything about Minecraft, Video Editing and Game Design, and I’m an expert at all three! If you see me online, don’t be afraid to come say hi.

Jake Lui
Hi everybody, I’m Skargent! I joined Connected Camps as a counselor two years ago, and I’ve been playing Minecraft for at least five years. On the servers you’ll recognize me as a green Castle Crasher. Although I love lots of activities in Minecraft, some of my favorites include Survival, playing and designing Minigames, and making escape rooms and puzzles.
Andeanna Mata (Ande)
Hello, everyone! I’m ExtraFancyRice, and it’s a pleasure to meet you! I’m a student at Azusa Pacific University with a major in Psychology. I love school and teamwork based activities, and like to find ways to bring people together both with Minecraft and learning in general.
Calvin Thanh Nguyen
Hi everyone! I’m Bakabaka1 😀 😀 ! I’m currently a Fourth-Year Computer Engineer major studying at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (a mouthful I know..). I’m an avid gamer, reader, and watcher of televisions shows and anime. My favorite shows are Sherlock and Doctor Who so if you’re interested in those too feel free to talk to me! I can speak Japanese, English, and Vietnamese!! Currently my favorite things to do are read mangas, web novels, and play board games. If you have any recommendations let me know!!
Hector Ramirez
Yo, my ingame name is cowwhy but you can call me cow. During my down time I’m usually solving puzzles, learning a new programming language or playing minecraft. I’ve been playing minecraft for a few years now and I still find it fun which goes to show how many possibilities there are in the game.

Samantha Scott
Hi everyone! My name is Sam, and I’m excited to be your camp counselor! I’ve been at Connected Camps for four summers now! I’m 18 years old and am a sophomore at Converse College working on majoring in Mathematics, English and Philosophy. I’ve been playing Minecraft for six years now, mostly on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. I love comics, anime, Creepypastas and Greek Mythology (hence my username). Some of my favorite games other than Minecraft include Legend of Zelda, Skyrim and House of the Dead 2 and 3 Return. My favorite thing to do in Minecraft is building elaborate cities. Feel free to say hi to me if you see me around any of the camps or labs!
Angelo Tordecillas
Hi! N_E_E_T here, and I am currently one of the lead counselors at Connected Camps. I’m a friend to all campers and am always excited to see the daily creativity from everyone flow into their builds! I’d rather help someone else build than start my own so I can follow through with what they have in mind and let the leadership in them take charge! If you need any help or want someone to talk to, please don’t hesitate to message me; for I am a also a camper at heart.
Malakai Unland
“Hello everyone! Quesodesupizza here! Your friendly neighborhood mod and friend of broadcast, as well as coding camp counselor. I make redstone stuff and other cool creations on the server and am always looking to come up with cool ways to make life fun on the servers overall! I like trying to build new and exciting things, and whenever there is something to learn or something to teach I generally like to pursue it. Recently I’ve been playing a lot of ARK and Overwatch, as well as working on chatbots!”

Volunteer Counselors


Hi! I’ve been playing Minecraft since early 2012. I love red stone creations and general architecture. I’m an 18 year old college student majoring in computer science. All around, I’m a computer nerd who enjoys programming, digital graphics, game design, and gaming. If I had to pick just one favorite part about connected camps it would be the people. As soon as I joined as a volunteer in 2017 I felt welcomed and valued by my other counselors.


Hello! My name is DarkKillerM, also known as Matt! I’ve been playing Minecraft since 2013. The first platform I started playing on was the Xbox 360 edition, and then slowly converted PC edition. I like working on massive projects, which involve detailed building and command blocks. I also like playing PvP minigames like Bedwars or CTF, and turning them into Youtube videos. I also like sharing my knowledge about command blocks with other people. Aside from Minecraft, I am a big Pokémon fan, and love listening to music. If you ever see me around, feel free to say hello, and ask any questions. I will be glad to help you.


Hi, my name is Collin and my user is Shallowbobbyss. I’ve been playing Minecraft for over 5 years now exclusively on PC. My favorite things to do in Minecraft is to play online survival with my friends and to experiment with redstone contraptions. Outside of Minecraft I enjoy solving puzzles and playing around with a lot of smaller games.


I’ve been playing Minecraft since 2014 (I think. It’s been a long long time) I usually play on computer but I also play on both Xbox versions and pocket but I hope to have the switch version soon. I loooove to build nerdy stuff. I once started building a Jager from pacific rim and I’ve tried to make some fallout themed builds. I’m a huge gaming nerd and comic nerd. I love Fallout, Wolfenstein, Watchdogs, Subnautica and last but not least, Detroit become human (even though I can’t play it). My favorite superhero is Spider-Man and I also love the show Supernatural. Chances are, whatever you’re into, I’ve heard of it. My favorite part about volunteering? The people. I love to help and share passions with people.


Hi I’m ChummyChutoy. I’ve been playing Minecraft for 7 years. I play on Java, Bedrock and console editions of Minecraft. My favorite thing to do in Minecraft is build adventure maps with my friends.


Hi! I’m Thomas! I’ve been playing Minecraft since 2015. I most enjoy doing Commandblocks and making crazy automated farms in Minecraft survival! In addition to Minecraft, I enjoy colony survival games like Oxygen Not Included and They Are Billions! My favorite part of volunteering here is seeing what sort of crazy things the campers come up with and build, it’s awesome to watch one of their projects come together.


Gabriel Iskandar
I have used Minecraft for about 5 years, beginning my journey on the mobile version, before progressing to the full computer version. I love almost everything about the game, mainly the unique way a player can shape a dream to a reality. I particular enjoy terraforming and command block redstone. When not playing Minecraft, I enjoy playing other random video games. I practice parkour with an incredible teacher, and have been self taught in beatboxing. Everything about connected camps is amazing from the staff to the kids. Being able to teach, and help uncover some hidden passions and talents within a video game and online camp is wonderful.

Community Helper Program

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