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What is Outschool?
Outschool is a marketplace for online classes for kids. We list our programs through their platform, click here to learn more about how Outschool works.

How do we join the class?
Please join the Zoom call by navigating to the Outschool classroom page and clicking the “Join live meeting” button.

When I click on “Join live meeting” it says “Wait for instructor.”
Please check the classroom page to see if the instructor has provided an alternate link to the Zoom call. Otherwise, contact us at

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Zoom Video

I’m in the Zoom call but I can’t hear anybody.
Make sure that your headphones are plugged in all the way and that your computer’s system volume is unmuted. If this does not solve your problem, test your headphones by unplugging your headphones to see if you can hear the Zoom call through your computer’s onboard speakers (if applicable).

Why can’t the other people in the Zoom call hear me?
Check your headphones and ensure that they have a microphone, as not all headphones do. In the bottom left corner of Zoom, find the “Mute” button and ensure that you are not muted.

I’m in Minecraft but I can’t find the Zoom window.
This is likely because your Minecraft is in fullscreen mode. Turn off your Minecraft fullscreen by pressing Esc, then clicking Options, and then Video Settings. From there, toggle “Fullscreen” to “Off.”

Help, this weird video footage has taken over my screen!
This is likely because someone else in the Zoom call has started to share their screen with the class, which causes the Zoom window to automatically maximize and go into fullscreen mode. Switch your Zoom window out of fullscreen mode.

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Minecraft Requirements

What version of Minecraft do I need? Can we use Xbox/PS4/Switch/iPhone/iPad?
Our programs now support both Java and Bedrock Editions. Players can connect to these clubs with a tablet, mobile phone, Chromebook, Switch, Xbox, PS5 or PC.

Our Kid Club currently does not support Bedrock but we hope to offer it soon.

Where do I buy Minecraft?
You can get Minecraft at

How do I change my Minecraft version to be the correct version for the class?
You can find the correct version in the welcome message we have sent you for your class.
To change your version, open the Minecraft launcher, log in, then click “Installations” at the top. Once you’ve clicked “Installations”, you can create or edit launcher configurations. The “Latest Release” profile already in the list is the default and can not be changed, so to change the game version you will need to create a new profile. To do so, click “New…”. Give the new profile a name, then change the version by selecting the correct version in the dropdown menu on the right. Click “Create” and you’re all set!
To load the game in the version you have just selected, go to “Play” at the top of the launcher. Next to the green “Play” button at the bottom, find the dropdown menu that displays your version. This allows you to choose the profile, and you can select your newly made profile with the correct version.

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Launching Minecraft

I can’t log in to Minecraft.
You need to log into Minecraft with your Minecraft username and password. If that doesn’t work, try logging in with your email address instead of your username. You may also wish to check Mojang’s website to see if their authentication servers are functioning properly.

Minecraft won’t launch because it says I need Java.
Check to ensure that you are using the most recent version of the launcher. It should look like this:

If you are using the latest launcher and are still encountering problems, try reinstalling Minecraft and/or downloading Java 8 here.

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Connecting to the Minecraft Server

I can’t connect to the test server.
First, ensure that you have entered the test server address exactly correctly, with no typos. Next, check to see if your Minecraft’s outgoing and incoming connections are being blocked by a firewall or antivirus software.
Finally, try resetting your internet connection by refreshing your computer’s Wi-Fi/ethernet and restarting your router or modem.

I joined the test server to test my connection, but I can’t connect to the class server.
You will need to send us your Minecraft username prior to class in order for us to grant you access to the server. However, the server will not be open until the class begins, so you will be unable to connect to the server until then.

I sent my username, class has started, and I still can’t get into the server.
Please ensure that the username you provided is spelled exactly correctly, and that you are using Minecraft Java Edition. If you check both of these and are still experiencing problems, ask your instructor in the Zoom call and they will assist you.

I get the error when I try to connect to the server, “Invalid session”
Try restarting your game. Close Minecraft (and your Minecraft Launcher, if it is open), then open the launcher and relaunch the game.

I get the error when I try to connect to the server, “$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused:”
Double-check that you have spelled the server address correctly, and that class is currently in session.

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Minecraft Gameplay

I’m in Minecraft now, but I can’t place blocks.
By default, the player places blocks by using right-click. If you are able to break blocks but not place blocks, ensure that you are actually inputting a right-click and not a left-click. The method of inputting a right-click can vary depending on your technical setup, so we recommend using a mouse for all of our programs. Otherwise, check your mouse or trackpad configuration.

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Coding in Minecraft/Computercraft

How do I install the Coding Mod for Coding in Minecraft Programs
Please refer to our setup instructions provided in the welcome message for your class.

When I log into the server, I get the error, “….”
Once you have installed our Coding Modpack, open the Twitch application, navigate to “Mods,” “Minecraft,” and finally “Connected Camps Coding Modpack,” then click “Play.”

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