Kicking Off Our Summer Camps!

This week marks the beginning of our summer camps! We’re holding several online summer camps, including Survival Mode, Architecture, Engineering with Redstone, and Beginning Coding. Let’s check out some of the activities campers have done this week.

Survival Mode in Minecraft

In Survival Mode in Minecraft camp, campers learn many of the basics of surviving, such as crafting, farming, inventory management, and building. They also learn to collaborate with others to solve problems and use their imaginations to design ways to survive. When campers logged on this week, they divided into four teams and embarked on journeys to four different areas of the Minecraft world. Once they arrived in their new lands, they began working together to survive. By the end of Day 1, the Orange Team arrived in a jungle and worked together to build a bungalow to keep them safe. Later in the week, the Red Team had constructed their base that included a large animal farm and a library. The Purple Team built a base, Purpurville, on their first day at camp.

We also have a Girls Only version of this camp!

Architecture in Minecraft

Architecture in Minecraft camp is where campers who love to build, build, build come! They learn to work with the natural environment around them and the principles of symmetry and harmony. Each time the campers log on, they enter The Holodeck where they can choose a world to build in: The Amazon, Atlantis, Mars, or Venus. Each location has a different set of rules for building. In the world of Venus, campers have already created a scientific laboratory with sections dedicated to plant life, redstone experimentation, native life, and chemistry, and all of the laboratory research is stored in the lab’s library. In the Mars world, campers created a greenhouse, a town hall, a communications lab, a potions lab, a rocket launchpad and a mining base camp.

Game Design in Minecraft

There are many mini games available within Minecraft from action-oriented “sports” like Spleef to puzzles to story-based adventures. In Game Design in Minecraft camp, campers learn to how to prototype their design ideas, playtest their creations, and how to write game descriptions and instructions. This week, campers focused on creating mini golf games, a dungeon adventure, and capture the flag. One group created a forest-inspired mini golf course, while another course requires mostly vertical movement. For capture the flag, each team built unique arenas that would challenge others players’ ability to find their flag.

Beginning Coding in Minecraft

Campers new to coding join Beginning Coding in Minecraft camp, where they use ComputerCraftEdu to control “Turtles” by learning to write basic programs and use loops and if-statements to build more complicated programs. When campers join, they enter the Connected Camps Turtle Troops. To begin, campers start by programming their turtles to move in different directions. Then they work to conquer differents sets of challenges – Iron, Gold, and Emerald – that get increasingly more difficult. This scene repeats itself as campers move onto more different coding skills.

Our Intermediate Coding in Minecraft camp starts in two weeks! Intermediate Coding camp takes coding to the next level with loops and variables, as well as programming.

We have one more camp – Engineering with Redstone in Minecraft – that kicks off the week of July 11! Campers learn real life circuitry and electrical engineering basics by using Redstone, levers, switches, and more to build working items like railways.

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