Code of Conduct



By registering for our Kid Club server, a camp or an event, you agree to the Connected Camps Code of Conduct.

1) Don’t grief. Ruining another player’s experience includes:

  • Destruction of another player’s buildings of creations
  • Stealing items from other players
  • Using a modified client in a way that affects gameplay.

2) Be nice and respectful.

  • Hurtful, disrespectful, and foul language is not allowed in in-game chat, tickets, or signs.
  • Do not continue something that is annoying other campers and counselors after they have respectfully asked you to stop doing it.

3) Keep personal information private. For safety reasons, don’t use real names or post contact information like phone numbers or addresses.

4) Help keep our community welcoming, kind, friendly, and inclusive.

  • Let a counselor know immediately if you see anyone violating our code of conduct.
  • Lend a helping hand when someone asks for help or is struggling to achieve a task.
  • Give other campers the benefit of the doubt. Many disputes between are due to misunderstandings, differences in perspective, and inexperience.

Process for Resolving Issues

This is the process we implement with each camper when the Code of Conduct is not followed:

  1. A camp counselor or director privately messages the camper to ask them to stop the behavior; the camper has a chance to respond privately to the counselor.
  2. If the camper repeats the behavior they are placed in the Cool Down area. At that point the camp counselor or director chats with them 1:1 to understand and resolve the issue together. Parents will be notified of the breach and that their child is in detention for one week.
  3. If the camper doesn’t want to resolve the issue or agrees to stop but then repeats the behavior during the detention period, we will immediately remove them from camp for 24 hours and reach out to their parent and share an incident report, which documents what happened and the steps taken to resolve the issue.
  4. After 24 hours the camper is allowed back on the server, once a set of steps are taken by the parent to review the incident and code of conduct with the child. This probationary period, after returning to camp is 30 days.
  5. If the camper breaks the code of conduct during the probationary period, they will be banned permanently from camp and the parent will be notified immediately of the ban.

Incident Report

When we email the parent we will include:

  • The date the specific incident with your child happened
  • Documented details of the incident

Returning to Camp

Your child will be welcomed back to camp within 24 hours, if the following measures are taken:

  1. Discuss the incident with your child
  2. Review the Code of Conduct with your child
  3. Email a Camp Director and indicate that #1 and #2 are complete. The email must also include a note from the camper describing what they did the violated the code of conduct, and a statement indicating they understand they must follow the code of conduct to stay on the server.