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Our Summer Camps Are:

  • A way to make screen time beneficial and productive. Spark a lifelong interest in technology and digital creativity while your child is having fun!
  • Interactive. Collaborate with other kids (and our top-notch counselors) as your child connects to our positive online community.
  • Online. Join in from the comfort of home.

Kids Love Our Programs

“My daughter is in camp this week and I signed her up for one next week… She LOVES it. [My daughter] said the camp is the most fun she has ever had. She wants one every week! Thank you so much. We are a regular customer now!”

“[My son] continues to talk about his camp experience with you over the summer. He craves the opportunity to extend his world and being in a camp with other kids online is an amazing opportunity for him.”

“My son was thrilled with connecting with his friends online, and learning new concepts about Minecraft. He was amped the rest of the day. You guys do an awesome job.”

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