Basic Tools of Minecraft

Tools are essential in Minecraft. They allow you to build things much faster and more efficiently. They also help you find things that you couldn’t with just your hands. Check out the video below to learn how to craft some of Minecraft’s basic, but extremely important and useful tools.

These tools can be crafted using different materials: wood, gold ingot, cobblestone, iron ingot, or diamond. The tools are crafted by placing the materials in a specific order on your crafting table.

In order to be the most efficient, tools should be used for certain activities that they’re made for. The shovel is used for digging and collecting snowballs, but you wouldn’t use it for cutting down a tree. That wouldn’t be very efficient. You’d use the axe to cut down the tree, the pickaxe for mining blocks and minerals, the hoe for farming, and the sword for killing mobs.

Each tool in Minecraft has a durability rating. When that tool’s durability rating hits zero, the tool breaks and you’ll have to craft another one. However, the better the material, the longer lasting the tool. Wood can be used around 60 times. Gold 33 times. Cobblestone 132 times. Iron 251 ties. Diamond 1,562 times.

You don’t have to craft a new tool when one is damaged. You can repair the tools instead. All you have to do is place two of the same damaged items on your crafting table and they combine to create one new tool.

If you want to learn more about tools in Minecraft, check out the links below:

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