Meet Our High School Volunteers

Our summer camps are about to begin! Let’s get to know some of the team that will be helping us make this summer even more fun and exciting than the last.

During our online summer camps, we bring on high school volunteers who work with our Lead Counselors to moderate our servers, mentor campers, and help them level up their expertise in designing and building on a multiplayer server. We caught up with a few of the volunteers returning this summer to discuss what brings them back.

Samantha is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She will be a senior in high school this coming fall, and loves to play guitar and read. Her favorite thing about Minecraft is “the fact that it never comes to an end. You can play it for months straight with friends and there’s always something new to build or discover.”

She had such a blast last summer that she said she “couldn’t consider NOT volunteering again,” plus she “missed all of the campers and counselors.” Her favorite moment from last year was when the Lead Counselors “spawned a huge amount of potions in the survival world and everyone ran around, throwing them like it was a giant water balloon fight!”

Sam says that being a volunteer has really helped her “become much more social and open to working with new kinds of people,” and not only is she working with a game she loves, but she’s “talking and spending time with people who share similar interests.”

Zachary is also from Pennsylvania (near Gettysburg) and will be a senior in the fall. He enjoys “all types of tabletop games, the more unique, the better,” and reading interesting books. His first experience with MInecraft was with the lite version on his dad’s iPhone 3, and despite the small screen, he was hooked.

Volunteering with Minecraft has shown Zachary “more useful skills than any other job.” He works with people from all over the country, uses communication tools that college graduates do in their first jobs, and has dealt with cross-coast communication all while still in high school.

Valerie is from Los Angeles, California and is also headed into her senior year. In her free time, she learns and practices programming languages, such as JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, and Python. One of her favorite things about Minecraft “is that it lets you explore your creative side by providing you with different colors and different materials, and at the same time it lets you explore the engineering side to things.” She describes it as somewhat like exploring career options while still making it fun and interesting.

Our high school volunteers have the opportunity to earn a service learning credit, which are sometimes described as community service hours. Valerie’s high school requires 60 hours of community service to graduate, but she’s far exceeded that with more than 130 hours that she partially credits to her with the campers.

Interested in learning more about the program? Check out the posting.

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