How-To: New Combat Update

This week, we’re focusing on Minecraft’s 1.9 patch, also known as the Combat Update. The Combat Update takes fighting in Minecraft to a whole new level and includes tons of changes. Our counselors check out some of the cool new features in the video below.

The Combat Update comes with new items, enemies, and mechanics. Fighting is now more challenging, but also more exciting with the ability to dual-wield, meaning players are no longer limited to holding just one weapon. Players can now select a dominant hand, protect themselves with shields, and shoot new types of arrows.

All strikes are no longer created equal. A cooldown has been added during combat making it important for players to properly time every strike. Better timed strikes are now more forceful than ill-timed ones.

New fighting tactics aren’t the only changes being implemented with the latest patch. A new mob has been added, Shulker, that hides in walls in the End city. There is also a Skeleton that rides on an undead horse, which players can team up to fight. Last but not least, a new structure has been added. Players can now create icy worlds by building igloos.

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