Launching Glowstone Library

From the Alexandria Library in Egypt to the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., libraries have always been the center of information. They document historical events, cultural changes, and adjust to the ever-changing way that people learn. In fact, libraries around the world have been making Minecraft accessible to increase engagement with kids in the internet age. Knowing how important libraries are to sharing information, we thought to ourselves…what if we built our own library within Minecraft?

On February 6th, we’re doing just that and launching our Glowstone Library in Minecraft. This isn’t your typical library of books. The authors of the ‘books’ at our Library are not Shakespeare or Dickens, but our own campers. Our Library will be a place where campers can share tips and tricks in Minecraft, their favorite parts of the game, and other things totally unrelated to Minecraft such as songs and poetry.

Minecraft isn’t just a game about building with blocks. It’s about choosing an adventure, being creative with where that adventure goes, and being part of a larger community. The Library is the place that brings all of these values together to help enrich players’ experiences and share information with one another.

Since the game doesn’t have its own guidelines to follow, it can be used in many educational settings with teachers and students creating their own requirements for success. English teachers can have their students create visualizations of their classroom reading material in Minecraft. Others have used the game to increase writing skills by having students create characters and stories in the game and then write about them. History teachers can have their kids create historical events and places and explore them within the game.

All would make great additions to our new Library collection!

Check out our Glowstone Library events below, as we unveil new wings each week:

Saturday, February 6 from 8a-10a PT: It’s the Glowstone Library grand opening! Help fill the first wing with true stories from your experience playing Minecraft, tips and tricks of the game, and tutorials on how to build contraptions or craft items. Become Minecraft’s next great writer by contributing the the Glowstone Library’s first collection.

Saturday, February 13 from 8a-10a PT: A new wing has opened in the Glowstone Library: the creative wing! Fill it with your original works, including poetry, plays, songs, or stories.

Saturday, February 20 from 8a-10a PT: A new wing has opened in the Glowstone Library, The Adventurer’s Hall. Fill it with handwritten guides to your favorite spots in the server, your favorite challenges, or even clues to a hidden treasure somewhere in the server!

Saturday, February 27 from 8a-10a PT: The final wing of Glowstone Library has opened: The World’s Stage. Perform a play on the main stage, or fill the empty portals with replica locations from your favorite stories and real-world locations.

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