How-To: Get Started with the Basics of Minecraft

Are you a Minecraft newbie? Haven’t exactly figured out crafting yet? Not sure what Creative Mode is? Check out our two latest videos – How to Get Started in Creative Mode In Minecraft and How to Craft in Minecraft.

How to Get Started in Creative Mode In Minecraft

In Creative Mode, you don’t have to worry about getting hungry or hurt in this mode. The only way you can die is by the kill command or falling into the void. Since you don’t have either of these worries, you can more easily build massive structures. You aren’t limited to walking and running either. Flying is an option in Creative Mode. You also have access to every block, tool, weapon, potion, book, and food item available in the game. This mode is great for exploring the different ways of building in Minecraft.

Learn more about Creative Mode on the official Minecraft wiki.

How to Craft in Minecraft

Crafting is how you build blocks, tools, and other materials in Minecraft. You can begin crafting by hitting “E” on your keyboard to open up your inventory. The inventory allows you to craft, using four ingredients, the numerous recipes available in Minecraft. To expand your crafting abilities, you can build a crafting table that allows you to create different recipes using six ingredients instead of four. Depending on the recipe, ingredients may need to be placed in the proper order for the recipe to work correctly. This is known as a fixed recipe. If ingredients can be placed in any order with the same result, this is known as a shapeless recipe.

Head over to the official Minecraft wiki to learn more about crafting and find a complete list of crafting recipes.

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Be sure to take a look at our free Kid Club schedule for events around Creative Mode, crafting, and tons of other fun activities in Minecraft. Here are some upcoming events taking place in Creative Mode:

  • Tuesday, April 6 from 4-6p PT join us to build a city under the sea
  • Thursday, April 8 from 2:30-5p PT work together to build a giant tree house
  • Tuesday, April 13 from 4-6p PT work with other campers to build a great lighthouse to guide sailors to shore
  • Tuesday, April 20 from 4-6p PT join us to build a grand palace in Chinese Style
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