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Explore Engineering Through Minecraft

Minecraft isn’t your standard video game. Players create, explore, build, and design whatever their imaginations can dream up. That means Minecraft is a great place to explore engineering basics. To see engineering in action, check out the video below where one of our counselors gives a tour of the different types of traps that can […]

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Meet Our High School Volunteers

Meet Our High School Volunteers

Our summer camps are about to begin! Let’s get to know some of the team that will be helping us make this summer even more fun and exciting than the last. During our online summer camps, we bring on high school volunteers who work with our Lead Counselors to moderate our servers, mentor campers, and […]

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Basic Tools of Minecraft

Tools are essential in Minecraft. They allow you to build things much faster and more efficiently. They also help you find things that you couldn’t with just your hands. Check out the video below to learn how to craft some of Minecraft’s basic, but extremely important and useful tools. These tools can be crafted using […]

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How-To: Design Mini Games in Minecraft

One of the best things about Minecraft is the ability to customize the in-game experience – mini games are a big part of that. Check out the video below to see one of our counselors explain how to build a mini golf course in Minecraft. There are tons of mini games that can be built […]

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How to combat update

How-To: New Combat Update

This week, we’re focusing on Minecraft’s 1.9 patch, also known as the Combat Update. The Combat Update takes fighting in Minecraft to a whole new level and includes tons of changes. Our counselors check out some of the cool new features in the video below. The Combat Update comes with new items, enemies, and mechanics. […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Connected Camps

We take pride in bringing our kids the best Minecraft programming available. Here are the top five reasons you should join us in all our Minecraft enthusiasm. #1 We are a freely accessible online learning community. Our online programming is available all year round. Kids can connect to our servers and mentors from anywhere—home, school, […]

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Community Forums: Let the Minecraft Discussions Begin

Bring your comments, questions, and ideas! We’re excited to announce the new Connected Camps Community Forums! The forums are a safe and moderated place for Minecraft with other Kid Club members, summer campers, and Camp Counselors. On our forums, there are resources, such as how-to videos, troubleshooting tips, and help for when obstacles arise during […]

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How-To: Railways and Minecarts

This week, we’re focusing on railways and minecarts. Players use rails to create railways, which makes travel between large distances much faster. Check out the video below to learn more about rails and railways with our experienced counselors. Railways are great to help players get from their workshop to their mineshafts. They can also help […]

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How To Build Redstone Circuits in Minecraft

How-To: Build Redstone Circuits

This week, we’re focusing on redstone. Redstone is Minecraft’s version of electricity. Redstone can allow players to build many things – from working doors and music machines to block robots and even computers. Check out the video below where our counselors explain the ins and outs of using redstone. Redstone can be found several ways, […]

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