Summer of Minecraft Camp Counselor Meetup

Camp starts in just over a week (July 6th) and the Summer of Minecraft crew can’t wait! This was a particularly exciting week for us because the Camp Directors met up with the Lead Camp Counselors at USC School of Cinematic Arts for two days of intensive camp preparation and Minecraft challenge design.
Summer of Minecraft Lead Camp Counselors
This was the first time some of the camp counselors have met in-person and they got to know each other through a series of exercises led by Camp Directors Tim and Brendon.  One of the exercises included asking the group to share their personal goals for camp:
  • Provide a relaxed, engaging atmosphere
  • Ensure as few griefing incidents as possible
  • Support an environment that encourages friendship
  • Solve problems creatively
  • Encourage peer mentorship
  • Provide personal build spaces
  • Respect for each other and the counselors
  • Facilitate challenges that spawn miles of really cool, original creations
Lead Camp Counselor Personal Goals
Our lead camp counselors’ Minecraft skills were put to the test by participating in all of the camp challenges. Their teamwork skills were put to the test when they collaborated on a Redstone Rube Goldberg Machine. The counselors were separated into 4 groups, each with the task of ensuring their machine connects to the next group’s machine through a chain reaction. It was a nail biter when the switch was flipped but the machine worked beautifully.
Rube Goldberg Machine Minecraft

Many of our camp counselors are game design students from USC and UC Irvine so they were really excited to work on the design challenges, determine the projects that they want to lead on every week, formulate a community building pledge and help each other learn new skills. I personally can’t wait to participate in the challenges, they are going to be incredibly fun.
Summer of Minecraft Manual
Our camp counselors are looking forward to meeting all of the Summer of Minecraft campers. Checkout their profiles and stay tuned for a video of them coming soon!
If you haven’t registered yet, it isn’t too late. We have spots open in the Online Kid camp, Grown-up camp and Coding camp (week of Aug 17th). Learn more or go ahead and register!
Counselor Cohort
See you on July 6th!
Tara, Co-founder
aka BigTigerKitty
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