So What’s Up with Those Awesome Mods and Counselors?

One question we get asked a lot here at Connected Camps is how our camp experience differs from regular play on a multiplayer server. In other words, what does Summer of Minecraft offer that a kids-only experience doesn’t? I have just one response: Awesome Mods and Counselors. Let me explain.

Summer of Minecraft is an online camp experience designed to level kids up around their interests and skills in Minecraft, whether they are totally new to the game, are avid single-player fans, or have tons of experience playing on multiplayer servers. Every child will come to camp with a different set of interests, whether it is building, collaborating, coding, or curating, for example, and a different ability level with the game. To insure that kids are truly leveling up, developing new skills, new interests, and new perspectives about what is possible within the game and beyond we decided to recruit some of the best and brightest teens (Mods) and college students (Counselors) with airtight Minecraft resumes to be your child’s go-to resource for questions, inspiration, safety, and support.

Perhaps your child has experience with the game but has never before played on a multiplayer server. Summer of Minecraft offers a perfect opportunity to learn the ropes of multiplayer play on a server that is moderated and supported by a trained cohort of Minecraft experts, who have logged hours and hours of multiplayer play of their own. For many kids, learning how to play in a shared world where it is important to respect the creations of others, to learn to collaborate and give helpful feedback, and to become adept at resolving conflicts as they might arise are tough skills to learn. Our Mods and Counselors are there to support campers in practicing these skills in real-time, as questions or challenges come up. It is a truly unique opportunity for kids to gain experience in digital citizenship within a supported, creative environment that is deeply meaningful to them.

Or maybe your child is already a strong builder but needs a bit of a push to get to the next level in terms of the complexity of structures that he or she can create. Our Mods and Counselors are passionate Minecraft players who have played the game for years and know all there is to know about pushing the creative envelope. In addition to building alongside and collaboratively with campers, which gives kids a chance to apprentice alongside other expert builders, Mods and Counselors are available to help kids brainstorm new ideas and to point them to resources that will expand their inventory of skills and ideas.

Or perhaps your child is a true socialite, who loves to explore but has had trouble getting beyond a basic skill level in building because it is just too much fun to chat and run around the world seeing what everyone else is building. Great! All communities need what we would call curators and connectors, individuals who help surface the cool things going on and help bring people together. Some of our Mods and Counselors fit this profile too, and can help your child recognize the power of this ability and apply it in purposeful ways. This might take the form of moderating our weekly public share outs, where kids have a chance to showcase their work, or in curating a YouTube channel for the camp of the week’s most interesting projects. Whatever your child’s profile Summer of Minecraft’s Mods and Counselors can make a big difference in the quality of the camp experience. They are truly a value add.

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