How To Get Started Playing Minecraft

I’m a self proclaimed Minecraft noob on my path to becoming an expert! I was first introduced to the game last summer when we ran our first round of Summer Minecraft Camps and let me tell you – I was completely inspired by the campers and their amazing creations. They definitely ran circles around me in the world of Minecraft. Here are some tips, tricks, and resources that I used to level up on my journey.

Horse Bucking

If you’re a newbie getting started – this should be a good foundation.

Minecraft – A Foreign Language. Before you can delve into this world you need to understand all the fancy lingo that comes with playing the game. Below are some of the most common terms you will encounter in Minecraft:

Admin – a player administrator with powers to kick/ban and monitor the server
Ban – a permanent removal of a player from the server
Creative mode – a game mode where players have access to all blocks, can fly, and cannot be killed by enemies or other players.
Ghast – a type of enemy in the game
Griefer/Troll – an individual who intentionally destroys structures or causes a negative game experience – these players are dealt with through administrators.
Kick – a temporary removal of a player from the server
Mod – Modification to the Minecraft game that can be implemented
Moderator – another word for admin
Multiplayer – playing Minecraft with others on the Internet
Nether – a dark dimension that players can travel to using Nether portals
Noob – a newer player
Redstone – minecraft circuit systems used to emulate real world circuits
Server – what you need to house a version of the multiplayer version of Minecraft
Single player – playing Minecraft by yourself
Survival mode – a game mode where players must gather resources, manage their hunger, and build shelter to survive. Players can die in this mode.
TP – short for the “teleport” ability to quickly move around the map

How do I move, chat, and build things? Once you get a few of the key commands down you’ll be well on your way to soar through the skies.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 5.18.04 PM
+ W, A, S, D to move
+ Look around by moving the mouse
+ Press E to access the block inventory in Creative Mode
+ Click and drag blocks from the block inventory to your personal inventory
+ Left click breaks a block
+ Right click places a block from your hand
+ Scroll wheel cycles through your inventory
+ Double tapping space makes your character fly. Double tapping again makes him fall back to the ground.
+ While flying  Space to ascend, and Shift to descend.
+ Press T to bring up the chat window

Play Play Play! As with anything, practice makes perfect 🙂 Play the game alongside friends, your children, and anyone else that will join in on the fun. You’ll be amazed at what you can do.

There is much more to learn when it comes to Minecraft such as playing in survival mode, crafting items, programming and so much more. Be on the look out for more blog posts that cover these topics. Oh and of course you can always join our camp!

Happy Building!

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