A week in Summer of Minecraft

by Brendon Trombley and Timothy Young

When designing Summer of Minecraft, our goal was to provide fun, structured activities you would find in a physical camp, and allow for the flexibility in participation through our online server and counselor structure. Our goal was to provide a summer camp structure that is fulfilling for both players who are dedicated to the camp as their core activity, and for players who only have minimal hours to spend on the camp.

Do want to tackle a high level build challenge that takes a week of collaboration to achieve? You can meet like-minded players to tackle the challenge with you. Only have 1-2 hours after coming home from your day camp? Jump in on an impromptu activity to explore the survival world and make a video about your journey with the help of our counselors.

No matter the time a player puts into Summer of Minecraft, our counselor’s mission is to ensure that each player gets the most out of their experience with the camp.

We outlined a few activities that players can participate in with the camp, and how they support different types of commitments for players.

Adventure group

  • Impromptu event lead by counselor
  • Time commitment: Flexible 1-3 hours

Adventuring in teams in Minecraft

Adventuring group players together to explore the unknown of the survival world. Players are assigned responsibilities and roles for their group – such as the fighter, hunter, healer, treasurer, and engineer. The group sets out into the Minecraft wilderness and support one another with their roles. Our camp also gives opportunities for players to design their own roles and adventure maps with the help of our counselors. Adventure groups can be scheduled events, or arranged on the spot with the help of a counselor of an enthusiastic camper.

Build Challenge

  • Weekly challenge events
  • Time commitment: Completely flexible

Space Needle

Space Needle by MattDrumz from Minecraftforum.net

Each week will also have a featured build challenge for players to collaborate on. One example of a build challenge is Famous Landmarks, where players work together to recreate world famous structures in the Summer of Minecraft servers. Counselors can help players by introducing advanced build techniques, or inspiration on what their build can be about. Players can take as long as they want when completing a build challenge, and the best challenges are featured

Landmark themes can be done at any time by campers, and we encourage campers to work with one another or a counselor to tackle the challenge together.

Spleef Arena + Spleef tournament

  • Scheduled challenge
  • Time commitment: 2 hour scheduled event

Spleef is a minigame in Minecraft where players compete in an arena above the ground, and must break the blocks underneath opponents to make them fall to the ground and eliminate them from the round. The last player standing wins.

Spleef arenas can come in all shapes and sizes, which provide opportunities for players to design their own stadiums and even their own rules. Summer of Minecraft will feature scheduled Spleef competitions as well as allow for players to schedule their own competitions with one another.

 Choose your own adventure

If campers don’t wish to work on the challenge at the moment, they are free to explore or build in an unstructured way. They can choose to go between their server’s survival world and creative world depending on what style of play they feel like participating in. They could build within designated community areas or venture deep into the wilds and build a lone fortress.

Additionally, campers can participate in daily events put on by camp counselors. They might join a collaborative building project, embark on an expedition for treasure, or engage in a game or contest such as Spleef. This gives campers the chance to interact with each other and with their counselors in new, fun ways!

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