Recreate a Famous Landmark

Here is a sample challenge from our online kid camp!

Your challenge is to choose an object or landmark that interests you and recreate it in Minecraft! This is a great opportunity to learn about your subject and how it’s designed and structured.

Find inspiration

  1. Choose a landmark to build.
    • Examples: One of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, a real-life castle, a famous statue
    • It can be real or fictional, as long as you can find pictures of it
  2. Find pictures of it to use as a reference
    • Get multiple images from different angles
    • Could you find a 3D model of it or locate it on Google maps?
    • Get measurements
  3. Consider forming a team? Ask in server chat or on the forums.

Space needleSpace Needle by MattDrumz from

Statue of Liberty in MinecraftStatue of Liberty by acm321 on Reddit

Grab a team

  1. Find a build site. Consider building it in the landmarks valley
  2. Decide on materials and, if in survival, collect them
  3. Figure out the scale of your project. How big is a Minecraft block on your reference images? Are you building it life-size or are you making a smaller version?

Start building!

  1. Get to building! Try to “sketch” first, then fill in details later.
  2. Label your build with all teammates’ names
  3. Need help?
    • See if any fellow campers can answer your questions or give you a hand
    • Ask campers and counselors for feedback on your build

When done, submit by either:

Taking your own screenshots and posting them to Try to get a screenshot from the same angle as one of your images and post them side-by-side.

Make a video tour and post it to YouTube and submit to

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