How To Make A Carrot Farm

We hope everyone enjoyed our first weekend challenge: How To Make A Minecraft Skin

Our challenge for this weekend will be getting the foundation of a farm started. We will build upon this project during subsequent weekend challenges!

We hope you enjoy part 1 of this challenge, we will have an Easter themed Part 2 for next weekend. Let us know if there are things you want to learn how to do and you may see it in a future update!


* Minecraft account
* Computer
* Internet access
* Playing in Creative Mode


Join your Minecraft world and find a plot of land where you’d like your farm to be.


Map out how large you’d like your farm to be by placing a fence around it. (You can find a variety of different fences in your inventory)

Making a fenced area



Now that you have a farm, you need water before you can plant carrots. Dig up the land and pour a water bucket into the hole. (Farmland that is 4 blocks or less away from the water source will be irrigated).

Dig hole for water


Now its time to prepare the farmland for the carrot seeds. Take a wooden hoe from your inventory and till the land. You’ll notice the tilled land becomes a dark brown as it begins receiving water.

Prepare farmland


Obtain a carrot from your inventory and you can begin planting it on your tilled farmland. Sit back and wait for your carrots to grow.

Planting in your area

Pro tip: Include torches around the perimeter of your farm so your crops can grow at night as well!

Part 2

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  1. Tara Tiger Brown March 30, 2015 at 5:50 pm #

    Protip – use bone meal to make the carrots grow faster

  2. Eamon Ito-Fisher March 30, 2015 at 8:40 pm #

    Check out my tumblr for an automatic carrot farm!

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