Building the Server Spawn

Emerald Spawn Tower Map in Minecraft Spawn Area


Week 1’s goal is to build out the spawn area for each server. What is this ‘spawn’ that people are talking about all the time?

A ‘spawn’ is the area where new players enter into the game. After entering the server information and clicking ‘connect’, you instantly enter the area in the server referred to as the ‘spawn’. This area is also where players return to if they die in the game during survival mode.

Many servers build out the spawn area as a welcoming place, giving players information and resources to navigate the surrounding world. It makes the perfect location for a community hub, where players visit to connect with new friends and work together on new projects.

The pictures above showcase the spawn areas the counselors have built out in the game. When you enter the server, the first thing you’ll see is a giant tower and a map to help you find your way. Typically, these areas turn into large cities with structures that reflect the personality of the campers. We’re excited to see what everyone comes up with in the first week!

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