Camp Trial: Rollercoaster Challenge

We’ve begun offering trials of the Summer of Minecraft experience on our servers so players can get a chance to interact with the counselors and try out the challenges. This week, we played a competitive design game to build a rollercoaster.

Players divided into two teams lead by our counselors. Each team opened a chest that had 3 items they had to incorporate in their rollercoasters. Teams had to use Note Blocks, Pumpkin heads, and Sticky Pistons.

Any other block could be used, but ultimately the creation had to make sure of the required blocks.

These design requirements lead to a lot of creative and amazing rollercoaster rides! Players stepped up and showed off their creativity.

Roller Coaster in Minecraft

Our challenge had a mix of players across all skill levels, and the more experienced players stepped in to help our mods and counselors answer questions from the new players.

This is an activity you can also run among your friends and family. Minecraft is an open-world game where the possibilities are endless. Sometimes, that much freedom can be daunting to new players, so adding some direction with some design requirements (ex. you must use pistons) can help players get started with building!

Roller Coaster drops in Minecraft

Our Early Bird special is over, but you can still get a discount off our camp by participating through our Minecraft trials which offer a sneak peak at the camp experience. We had a ton of fun building with future campers, and hope to meet more in future sessions.

We’d love to see your awesome creations – so be sure to share!

We also have a referral program, if you refer a friend you both receive an additional $15 off your purchase of a kid camp!

Happy Building!

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