What does a typical lesson look like?

  • Introduction [~5 minutes]: Each session starts with a brief video chat introduction. Our counselors explain the day’s topics, offer some helpful tips and tricks, and help each group set goals for the day’s session.
  • Warm Up [~5-30 minutes]: Students jump into the Minecraft world, taking part in activities, puzzles, and challenges designed by Connected Camps’ expert team. Each activity is designed to promote exploration and discovery while giving participants the knowledge and skills needed to complete the team project. Assessment tools are built into the world to help counselors and facilitators identify which students need extra support.
  • Team Project [~45-90 minutes]: Students work together to accomplish project objectives using the lessons learned in the warm up. Projects are open-ended challenges driven by student creativity. As students complete projects they reshape the virtual world, rebuilding it in their own vision.
  • Wrap Up [~3-10 minutes]: Students come together to reflect on the day’s accomplishments, share their work, and look ahead to the next session.
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