1-1 Tech Mentoring



Fuel your child’s interest in STEM through our online 1-1 tech mentoring program. Personalized support, engaging projects, and instruction from our expert counselors will ignite their STEM superpowers and help them to thrive online. Whether their interest is in coding, modding, or engineering with redstone, connecting with a tech mentor can nurture an interest while also building skills. The best part is they won’t even notice. They’ll be having too much fun!

Scheduling a date and time is up to you. Each session is 90 minutes in length. Upon purchase you will be emailed a form to submit the days/times you would like to hold your session.



1-1 Tech Mentoring

What Parents are Saying

Everyone was great! The mentors were helpful, patient, knowledgable and relatable. He did redstone, modding, coding, and animation. We would like to sign up for more sessions. —Nikole H

It was great! Our mentor is great too. He helped me get a few things set-up and then was very patient and kind to my daughter. He also does not talk down to her but clearly moves slowly with her—good combo. —Jenny J

Life Skills

1-1 mentoring supports kids in developing valuable life skills:

  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Planning
  • Communication

Additional information

Online Mentoring

1-1 Animation with Mine-imator, 1-1 Coding with ComputercraftEdu, 1-1 Engineering with Redstone, 1-1 Modding in Minecraft, 1-1 Coding with Scratch, Mentoring Bundle (4 sessions)