Drawing Workshops – 1 Month Pass


$16.99 for 8 sessions
Join a friendly online studio for kids who love to draw!

Hone your drawing skills, make new friends, and build an online portfolio. Each workshop features a new challenge that artists of any skill level can tackle together. Purchase a month pass and access up to 8 drawing workshops of your choosing.

Once your child is done they will receive a certificate of completion and will have a digital portfolio to share with you!

Full schedule below. (Note: Subscribers to our Connected Camps Afterschool Program will automatically have access to all of the programs below.)



In September and October, we’re getting back to the basics with a series of fun and interactive drawing workshops. The workshops will be hosted on a range of free web platforms, including web platforms like Sketchpad, Piskel, and Nova Skin. Simply RSVP now for the workshops you are interested in.

drawingSaturday September 1: Telestrations Draw the word given to you. The next person will guess the word, and the following person will draw the new word. Repeat until all kids have gone.
Media LabSunday September 2: Landscape Art With your partner, create a world personal to you. Either based in fantasy or real life — make it yours.

drawingSaturday September 8: Copy-Cat Art Day Draw an artist’s style from a bag. We’ll draw an object in our art style and in your mystery artist’s style
Media LabSunday September 9: Take-Home Puzzle Create an art piece and then break it apart! Try to puzzle it out with you and your partner.

drawingSaturday September 15: Storyboarding Create your story plot points and characters for your comic.
Media LabSunday September 16: Drawing Draw out your comic.

drawingSaturday September 22: Cops and Robbers You must draw your friend or an object of their choice only guided by their words.

Media LabSunday September 23: Drawing You and your partner only have 1 minute per turn to draw on the paper.

drawingSaturday September 29: Collage Puzzle together inspirational pieces that make up you!
Media LabSunday September 30: Scrapbooking Create a scrapbook page of things that happened in September either in art lab or real life.

Media LabSaturday October 6: Patterns It’s October! Halloween, Spices and Autumn — what a great time to create our own Fall Pattern to use for the Month! Learn color matching, pattern design and much more.
Media LabSunday October 7: Patterns Create a seamless, continuing pattern that’ll repeat forever with ease. Choose your favorite design in this workshop to create a unique piece of art.

Media LabSaturday October 13: Imagination If you were a witch, what would your secret potion recipe be? Make a recipe page filled with potion ingredients, instructions and what your potion will do! We’ll make it into a scrapbook together.
Media LabSunday October 14: Imagination Design a Drawing Game! We’re a little in need of new drawing games to play. Create your own with a partner and add it to our repertoire.

Media LabSaturday October 20: Decorations Create cute decorations for your room to match the theme of this month! Make it yourself online and print it out for in-person use.
Media LabSunday October 21: Decorations Spookify yourself to make into a cool Halloween Card! Take a photo yourself or an image you’d like to redesign.

Media LabSaturday October 27: Illusions Want to make a portrait whose eyes follow you around? 3D concepts in 2D art? Join us for a spooktacular art lab to get ready for the Hallow’s Eve Festivities.
Media LabSunday October 28: Illusions Make your own hidden hide and seek book. Hide figures in buildings or as other objects. Make your reader think twice about what’s hidden in your book.