Online Drawing Workshops for Kids


$16.99 for 8 sessions/month
Join a friendly online studio for kids who love to draw!

Hone your drawing skills, make new friends, and build an online portfolio. Each workshop features a new challenge that artists of any skill level can tackle together. Purchase a month pass and receive access up to 8 drawing workshops of your choosing.  (Note: Subscribers to our Connected Camps Afterschool Program will automatically have access to all of the workshops below.)

Once your child is done they will receive a certificate of completion and will have a digital portfolio to share with you!

Counselor: Cherry Jung

Hi! My name is Cherry. I’ve been an avid Minecraft player since 2012 and a counselor since 2016. As a chronic doodler since I was little, I used Minecraft to bring simple thoughts and ideas to block-sized creations! Because of this, I’m also a part of Connected Camp’s Drawing Workshops, where I can help doodlers and art enthusiasts create digital art to share with friends or family online. I hope to see you in our drawing workshops!

Ages 8-12
Class Size
5 – 10 learners
Session Time
90 Minutes, meets twice a week on Sat. and Sun.
A computer, internet connection, headphones, and a mouse. No additional supplies needed!


In November, we’re getting back to the basics with a series of fun and interactive drawing workshops. The workshops will be hosted on a range of free web platforms, including web platforms like Sketchpad, Piskel, and Nova Skin. Simply RSVP now for the workshops you are interested in.


Media LabSaturday November 3: Partner Portraits
Freeze! Hands up! As a detective, you must draw the person or object your victim describes. See if you can guess what they’re describing!
Media LabSunday November 4: Partner Portraits Pt 2
Now that you’ve had some practice drawing with guidance, draw your partner! Don’t let them see what you’re drawing until the end. Trade portraits and see how well they did.

Media LabSaturday November 10: What are you made of?
Draw an outline of a body and fill it with things that make up you! We’ll be using the cutting tool to make interesting shapes to make things fit like a puzzle.
Media LabSunday November 11: Mad Minute
Write out a list of random objects and things for a master list! We’ll pick 20 to put on paper and trade with someone else. We have one minute to draw out everything on this list.

Media LabSaturday November 17: Pet Peeves
What are things you don’t like? Draw them out and let people guess. Why don’t you like it?
Media LabSunday November 18: Art Lab Recipes
Draw out the ingredients to your favorite recipe. Tell us how you think it’s made and share with us to put it into the community cookbook.

Media LabSaturday November 24: Storytelling pt. 1
Pick a time in your life that you want to tell us. We’ll be making a short comic about what happened and writing it out.
Media LabSunday November 25: Storytelling pt. 1
Pick a time in your life that you want to tell us. We’ll be making a short comic about what happened and writing it out.