Afterschool Coding


Connect your child to a community of coders and watch their passion for programming blossom. They’ll learn to create programs, interactive stories, games, and more. Our counselors love to code and share their passion for coding through hands-on instruction and mentoring. No coding experience required.

Your child will receive 10 hours of personalized online instruction in your choice of platforms, starting with Minecraft and Scratch, led by one of our expert counselors. Sessions will be offered between the hours of noon-6pm PT and we will work with you to schedule your sessions on a convenient day and time. Each session will be 2 hours in length. Courses include small group instruction of no more than 6 kids. If your child has a specific project idea they want to work on, you can schedule 1-1 Studio Time with a counselor, as part of the course.

What Parents Are Saying

BusterPlax has been so excited about learning how to code and I mean seriously excited. He says that everyone was really nice and very helpful and he loved every minute of it. So, we are all very thankful for all the work you did on the Coding Camp. You all have magically found a way to bring excitement to discovery and that is something rare.—Philip Millenbah, Parent (BusterPlax)

Coding in Minecraft through the eyes of Netherstar2187 


Meet Our Team


Julian Andre Boss

Minecraft Username: Julbo
School: University of Washington
Studies: Informatics. I focus on researching user interaction, the development of educational fields, and how to teach kids
Greatest Accomplishment: I was a national champion in karate!


Malakai Unland

Minecraft Username: Quesodesupizza
College: California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Studies: Mathematics, Physics, Computer science. I also worked in eSports a lot!
Minecraft Super Powers: Coder, Modder, and Engineer extraordinaire!
Hobbies: eSports and Hiking


Lukas Lohden

Minecraft Username: Devandaheart
School: University of California Irvine
Favorite Food: Sushi! My special food since I was a baby.
Life Goal: Make and play games!
Favorite IRL Activities: Playing games with friends, cooking, teaching.
Superpower: Elite photoshop skills.


Nerianne Congjuico (Ney)

Minecraft Username: Musuney
School: University of California Irvine
Favorite Real World Activity: Watching Space documentaries, Sudoku, and Baking.
Life Goal: Make a house full of puzzles and traps!