Roblox Gaming Club

Ongoing, Once A Week
90 Minutes a session
Ages 8 – 13
Price: $14 / Week

In this club, you will…

  • Collaborate with friends and engage in social activities to build camaraderie.
  • Learn how to play various Roblox mini-games such as obstacle courses, party games, exploration games, and competitive simulations.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts in a team environment.
  • Discover the value of a supportive community and why it’s important to maintain a positive group environment.

Club Requirements

Roblox Game (Free Download Here)
Windows computers and Mac ONLY
Webcam, Headset, and Microphone
🚫 No Ipads, Smartphones, and Tablets

If you’re looking for a welcoming space in Roblox to make friends and enjoy mini-games together, then this is the club just for you!

From adventure games to party games and everything in between, you’ll get to experience a full range of different activities in this Roblox club. These pre-made games are selected by our expert counselors so that all you have to do is let loose and have fun with others!

Unlike our camps and courses, this is a club that meets once a week with constant fun new things to do! At the start of each session, you’ll get to decide with your class what games we’ll play from a list of vetted activities. Each week will be a different kind of fun as we cycle through everyone’s favorite multiplayer games. Whether you’re a casual player or a Roblox enthusiast, we welcome every type of gamer in this club to gather and play!

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