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Our son had a blast! He couldn’t wait to tell us what he made as soon as the class was over. He loved the teacher too! Very relatable. We couldn’t believe what he was creating. Totally beyond his mom and dad. LOL! What a great class to take in the middle of COVID. He felt engaged, stimulated and enjoyed the interaction with other kids his age. Nicely done! I felt this really opened up so many positive opportunities!

This is just what my daughter needed and wanted coming out of the COVID season. Expect a lot of joy!!!! Got the endorphins, creativity and communication going. So grateful! I’m not a Minecraft fan but my 9-year-old certainly is and I’m so happy she can collaborate with others to achieve a self directed goal.

This was an engaging learning experience for my children. My daughter was excited to participate in the creative building challenges. She explored outside her safety zone and was impressed with her new creations. My son was intrigued with Redstone and loved working with the circuits. He also loved playing in the PvP challenges, and I appreciate the safe, kid-friendly, competitive arena. The mods stepped in wherever and whenever needed to encourage campers and to emphasize the importance of teamwork and the importance of a positive learning environment.

Our affiliates camp mostly consisted of kids who had only played the pocket edition of Minecraft, many of whom did not have a computer at home, many of whose parents did not speak much English. This camp opened up a whole new dynamic world of multi-player gameplay to them. They rushed to their computers and had to be pried away each day. This is a testament to the power this game has for children of all races and all classes. And genders, too!

My son really enjoyed each class, and the teacher did a great job “keeping things working.” He also learned a lot about astronomy.

My 10-year-old son found the class “very fun!” Minecraft building really brought what he was learning about Rome to life.

My son LOVED this class! He had a fun way to spend time with friends online doing something that he enjoys. Thank you so much for providing this amazing opportunity. It is especially awesome during the pandemic when there are no in-person activities available.

The activities provided a structure that fostered a spirit of camaraderie and collaborative play. We really loved it.


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