Live online coaching offered every day, year-round!

Evolve your gameplay with our experienced esports coaches. All levels of experience welcome! Program sessions are 90 minutes in length. We list our programs on Outschool.

Weekly Clubs

Connected Camps programs are:

  • Live, online: Players interact with other players and our experienced instructors in real-time, online. We list our programs on Outschool and use Minecraft, Scratch, and popular esports titles.
  • Log in from anywhere: Your child can connect to our programs from anywhere (at home or on the road, wherever an internet connection is available), through a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Small group work: All of our programs are run in a small group setting, allowing players to share and learn from each other, leading to new friendships and lots of fun.
  • Tailored to your child’s interests: Instruction is hands-on and highly personalized. Our goal is to ignite a passion for learning, collaboration, and creativity.

We also offer online programs in Minecraft, coding, game design, video making and more

Players Love Our Programs

“Our coach spent a lot of time with our students building their personal character (both individually and gaming wise). They were able to coordinate last minute changes and always keep a positive attitude. Our coach was able to have the student reflect on their own mistakes and develop at their own pace. To be honest I don’t know what type of season we would have had without the help and support of Connected Camps.” – NASEF General Manager

“My coach helped me to be more introspective to look at myself and try to see what i’m doing incorrectly. He also helped me control my own behavior and toxicity.” (League of Legends Player)

I love it because there’s so many fun challenges and so many fun things to do. And I love playing with other people.

I love the Fortnite Club because I like playing with other kids. My teacher sets up challenges for us and I really like them.

“I do strongly feel that my coach was knowledgeable in regards to the game. In regards to characters, the coach gave valuable insight regarding what team composition would go best in different scenarios. In addition, the coach gave further insights and recommendations on how to properly use each character to their fullest extent.” (Overwatch Player)

“Comparatively to other games that I’ve played, I’ve never really analyzed a game more closely than I have with League. Mostly because of my coach.”

About Connected Camps

Connected Camps is a not-for-profit organization providing connected learning experiences that foster creativity, problem solving, collaboration and interest-driven learning.

Three girl geeks and learning scientists with a passion for education and the positive potential of technology started Connected Camps in 2015. Since then, our online programs have introduced thousands of kids to coding and design.

Connected Camps’ mission is to build a global online community where kids build, code, play, and learn from one another. Learn more about our organization here.

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