How-To: Survival Mode

This week, we’re focusing on Survival mode in Minecraft. Survival mode is a mode where the goal is to collect resources, build structures, battle monsters, manage hunger, and explore the land in order to survive. Check out the video below where our counselors explain the ins and outs of being successful in Survival mode.

Survival mode is a basically a scavenger hunt for items players need to survive. Building in Survival mode is more difficult than in Creative mode simply because players must search for supplies.

The first thing players in Survival mode must do is build a shelter to protect themselves when night falls and the monsters come out. Even digging a hole in the ground counts as shelter if players don’t have the necessary supplies to build a shelter, but it is best to scavenge for wood and build a proper structure. It’s also important to gather coal to make torches since monsters won’t spawn in well lit areas. Players start off with tools made of wood, but as they progress, it is important to craft tools that are more sturdy.

In Survival mode, players are mortal. They can die or be injured by falling from high heights, attacked by monsters, or drown in water. Players must also find food since they can also die of starvation. But players don’t have to face the perils of Survival mode alone. Players can work together as a term and create survival colonies where they share resources.

Never tried Survival mode? Absolutely love Survival mode? Check out one of the upcoming events below:

  • Thursday, March 10 from 5-7pm PT
    Abandoned Mine Shaft Search
    Put on your survival gear as we search for an abandoned mine shaft!
  • Sunday, March 13 from 8-10am PT
    Survival with the Mods
    Come hang out with us mods and work together with everyone to survive!

If you’re looking for more info on Survival mode, check out the links below:

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