Connected Camps for Educators


Turn Minecraft time into learning time!
Spark a lifelong interest in making, collaborating, coding, and design.

At Connected Camps, we believe project-based, collaborative, and interest-driven learning is key to nurturing genuine engagement in STEM. Our online Minecraft programs, staffed by expert instructors, offer an authentic and supportive online environment for problem solving, making, and digital citizenship.


Connect to our custom moderated servers.
Collaborate, create, and build with experts.
Foster digital citizenship.


Learn coding, engineering, architecture, survival, and game design in Minecraft.
Level up with help from our expert online educators.


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Connected Camps is part of the Connected Learning Alliance and the movement to make learning relevant and engaging for all young people.


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Our affiliates camp mostly consisted of kids who had only played the pocket edition of Minecraft, many of whom did not have a computer at home, many of whose parents did not speak much English. This camp opened up a whole new dynamic world of multi-player gameplay to them. They rushed to their computers and had to be pried away each day. This is a testament to the power this game has for children of all races and all classes. And genders, too! While we had to work hard to recruit girls, those who enrolled were very engaged. This camp may well have been the first positive, playful experience many of these kids had with computers. On top of it all, our campers gained valuable experience with how to work on teams and be a good online citizen.
-Morgan Ames, Building Blocks for Kids Richmond Collaborative

Connected Camps was a great addition to our summer programs at the library. The kids loved the counselors and the opportunity to collaborate on builds and compete in mini-challenges. This was a fun and easy way to get new kids into the library and keep our Minecraft programming going during the busy summer months. I have never really gotten the chance to play before and had a blast exploring the grown-up server. It’s so great for the adults and the kids to have a safe, fun and supportive environment in which to play, learn and share their passion for Minecraft. Thank you!
-Mary Glendening, CreateSpace @ MFL a Digital Media Lab & MakerSpace