Connected Craft

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For Ages 13 – 17

Connected Craft is a space for teens to connect and engage with others online in a fun and collaborative community in Minecraft. The server hosts a wide variety of play options that appeal to a wide range of players and provide ways for them to connect with friends online and make new friends on the server. Players will have the freedom to participate in the server however they wish and special events led by community members and counselors will keep things engaging and interesting as play continues over time.

in Minecraft
in Creative Mode
in Community Events
Our volunteers and counselors are always online during Connected Craft hours, which run every Wednesday–Friday from 1pm–3pm PT and Saturday–Sunday from 1pm-5pm PT.

Connected Craft requires Minecraft Java Edition for PC or Mac.
Windows 10 Version, Pocket Edition, and console versions will not work. Purchase Minecraft Java Edition here: GO TO STORE.

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