Teen Volunteer Program

Develop leadership skills and earn community service hours doing something you love!

Our Teen Volunteer program sets you on the path to leadership at Connected Camps. Learn to hone your leadership skills alongside a group of other future leaders. As a volunteer you will:

  • Help run our online programs using games like Minecraft, Roblox, Overwatch and more 
  • Be a mentor and guide for kids ages 8-16 in our programs
  • Gain experience running online classes by shadowing our expert counselors
  • Become part of an innovative community of game and tech enthusiasts
  • Hone your peer mediation skills and learn more conflict management strategies
  • Earn volunteer / community service hours

Explore the fields of Education, Computer Science and Technology alongside a group of other gamers and mentors. 

Hear what some of our current Volunteer Counselors have to say about volunteering at Connected Camps:


Collin (AKA Shallowbobbyss)
“My favorite part about volunteering for Connected Camps is the positive atmosphere. It’s fun working with the kids and seeing the cool stuff they come up with! Volunteering has taught me patience and the ability to talk in a crowd. When volunteering, I’d get to go out of my comfort zone and take the lead.”


Charlotte (AKA Aquasong341)
“My favorite part about volunteering at Connected Camps is definitely the reaction of campers when they figure out the solution to a difficult problem that they had been working on. Whether it be in coding, redstone engineering, or any of the activities we do in camps and labs, it always brings a smile to my face when I know that they are proud of what they have accomplished and learned!”

Steffen Spreng

Gabriel (AKA TheMCLionSheep)
“You get to be open to the kids, and you never know what kind of personalities you may find. In general, Connected Camps is teaching me to better communicate with others, and effectively teach.


  • Have your own paid Minecraft account (Java, computer edition)
  • Access to a computer that has and supports the latest version of Minecraft
  • Access to stable Internet with the bandwidth needed to support playing Minecraft
  • Working microphone or headset and voice chat client
  • Aged 13 or older

How to Apply:

Applications are on a rolling basis – apply here today!